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i am going to do ONE MMD pic request a week, excluding friends, whom have no limit (within reason, i ain't doing too many, because i still have my other projects)
the only conditions are as follows: 1. ONE pic, not a comic or anything, 2. the only characters i will use are ones either given to me or that i already have, so if i don't have the model, you have to get it to me, no exceptions except as noted below, 3. i reserve the right to stop doing this at anytime, as well as restart it if i do stop, at anytime, for any reason ,with or without notice (likely with, don't want to keep getting spammed months later after all! XD), 4. the best day for me to do this is saturday, so i will check throughout the week for ideas i like, but will most likely really look through them on that day, which means once saturday comes, the week starts over, 5. once the pic for the week is done, no more will be done until the following week, no exceptions, except as noted below, 6. to prevent spam, make sure you keep up to date on the current week and wether it has been posted or not, because if it has but you ask for another, i will ignore it UNLESS you specify you are just putting in the idea for the following week, 7. wether i stop or not, i also reserve the right to skip weeks, or take breaks, at any time for any reason, wether i disclose the reason or not, meaning if i do, as my part, i will make a journal notice for breaks more than 1 week, continuing to ask during the break will get you ignored, possibly reported.

the exception to the exceptions are for friends, whom just a few off the top of my head (meaning it is not a total, comprehensive list) are: :iconmadnimrod:, :iconthehiddenman66:, :iconchibiai-kun:, and :iconlehoangtuan62:. again not an all encompassing list, so feel free to ask if you can "get the friend discount" but don't be suprised if i say no either

not trying to be a jerk or scare people away, just laying the ground rules, which as of right now are the only rules people need to follow, but i reserve the right to add, remove, or change them at my sole discretion, if things go well, i won't need to, but if i get swamped i will. :3
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Saga of Abbadon PG.39-43
not much to explain, the babonians are ancient race that keeps popping up every so often and causing trouble, even though they are thought to be extinct. i have explained raven before i believe. also explained egos in the last comic upload. in future uploads egos will be denoted in the description of that upload.
preview until tommorrow!!
been talking about how bad ass she is, and yes, she is being shot, while holding this dude, slowly choking him to death to try and get answers (and it won't be shown in the comic, but smashing him with her magic [tank will, to a degree], leaving a bloody pulp, further demoralizing her enemies...) despite her serious injuries. in fact by medical diagnosis, she IS dead, but she is still moving. to put it simply, don't piss off this mother. she will start wars for her "cub", and she will make you pay dearly for a win, assuming she wants you to win.
Saga of Abbadon PG.36-38
and shit hit the fan, if yoy haven't read any of my previous works you obviously don't know how i do things!
nimrod used with permission.
lily is another OC of mine, named in full lilliana vess (yeah, MTG fans eat your heart out, my story is just a small part of a fictional work me and my friends are working, and the character was named before i knew what the MTG character even was, suck it) she is one of the 3 great technomancers, sebastian (a friend's OC) lily and abaddon being the three of them. sebastian is more technology, lily is a general all around technomancer, can do robots, or cyborgs equally sort of thing (biomancy, and technomancy) and abaddon is best at biomedicine based technology, making her technically a biomancer, but details. abaddon is also related to the lord death, as revealed earlier, making her one of the most powerful necromancers to ever exist. rachel transformed into her demon form, also revealed that she is part demon angel and chikyu-uma-reta. lily is one of a group nown as "egos" or living things that died and were given new life by inhabiting a host. lily lives in abaddon. egos are able to manifest in the material plane for a limited time. basically they are dead but not dead. not the same as ghosts who are jsut living off of previous emotions. egos posses full intelligence, just lack a physical body, yet can interact with the real world, and even mate with living and non living things (sky-commander is another ego of abaddon, and mated with reqium, another ego belonging to a friend, giving birth to alex, one of abaddon's 2 wives [yey for crossing continuums! see --->…  for that story, as far as i have gone, yes they are connected. i plan on doing more with that eventually....])

the shikiso gland is a gland that is similiar to a chameleons skin, it allows a dragon born to transform the material their skin is made of in case of attack, can also, in rare cases, change color, like a chameleon, to allow for camo uses to blend in and avoid detection.

about magic a bit, there are 6 basic elements, earth, wind, fire, water, light and dark. advanced mages can casts spells exceeding 2 layers (no upper limit, but very rare for people to cast more than 3 layers) for referance abaddon can cast a 200 layer spell, easily, without putting a dent in her mana (the ability to cast magic, just like in games, more mana more spells, or bigger spells) but in comparison nim can only cast a maximum of a 6 layer spell and that will spend all of his mana instantly, 4 layers will take a large, but not major part of his mana (about 10 spells total at 4 layers over 1 hour) and rachel in demon form is fueld by her emotions, can cast magic at the same level as abaddon with no limit. but her demon form draws on life energy, so she saps her life, or by use of spells others life energy. abaddon is a succubus class demon FYI meaning just by making contact she draws life energy, plus as a reaper of death she can draw in soul energy from the ambient air, making her energy level effectively unlimited. this ignores abaddon's chaos goddess form, which allows her to draw mana from chaos itself, or in one word, life. when abaddon is angry enough to unleash her full power, the only one able to rival her is god himself. rachel is just under her, and amelia under rachel, tetsu and nim are after amelia. yami is a rogue factor who can combat abaddon, but that is due to "god's gift" in order to keep abaddon from just taking over the universe and plays very little in any event (would only work if abaddon tried to take over heaven and hell, which abaddon has no desire to do since she rules everything that involves chaos, or in one word, everything.)

yey more background info!!!!


3d comics
send me a basic story and wether you want me to create specific characters or use certain pre-existing ones, or if I can use whatever I want. this is done on a per story basis, unless it is a long story (I will charge the 500 for up to a 15 slide page for a single story, three stories totaling 15 slides will be three different charges, over 15 slides is another 500 points) keep in mind I don't have skills needed to model new parts, so if you want me to make new models (an extra charge) it won't be EXACTLY what you are looking for but I will try to get it as close as I can.
mmd models, oc or not
an MMD model, useable only with the program "MMD" or "miku miku dance" there is a limit i can do, so note me what you want first and i will let you know if i can do it. this includes rips, accessories, anything, but you have to find the source file and make sure I can use it, if I am "hand-making" a model (using parts, cuz I can't make parts) you SHOULD find the parts you want otherwise I will find what best fits the description/picture given to me and will use the TDA-ETO base by yami-sweet. if I have to rig I use simple bones and don't do physics. for small accessories the price goes for up to six models (for guns, swords, the like) the price applies once for every person model, so alternate costumes are another full price.



sky-commander's Profile Picture
kyle sonksen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I enjoy the practice of art and the talent that goes behind a great piece. and i am now getting better at multiple mediums myself so i know better what being an artist means. beyond that i'm not really any different than anyone else

since i want some art from people who take points im starting commissions

1 crystal art shape (any shape)=4 PTS
1 DA tag crystal art=10 PTS
1 character=300 PTS
backgrounds= 4 PTS
song mixing=400 PTS [equates to $5] its this much because of difficulty and time consumption (… for a reference piece)
magic the gathering/yu gi oh cards=5 PTS each
misc.= negotiable ( if it is a difficult or unusual request it will be more, basically the more work the more points, same thing with how specific you want your piece to be if i have free reign it will be less)…
if you commission me this is to put points for art
i do take art trades

I AM TRYING TO SAVE UP MONEY!!!!!! if you want music please comish me!!! note me if interested!!!

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when my premium ends in three months i would like to have points to renew it! plz help :3

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